need some help marketing your business?

Becoming a member of Ferguson Valley Marketing (FVM) provides an opportunity to connect with and benefit from the collective strength of an association of like-minded business members who share common goals – attracting more visitors to the Ferguson Valley.

Only by working as a collective business association, with common objectives and a focus on growing the number of visitors to the Ferguson Valley, can FVM and our members continue to receive the strong support of government and become a major force in contributing to sustainable economic and jobs growth in this region.

MEMBER Benefits

Attract The Right Visitors

We are a not-for-profit, membership based, local tourism organisation with the purpose of attracting visitation to Ferguson Valley and surrounds. Our goal is to help you reach more customers!

Invitations to our Quarterly Business Networking Nights hosted by a member of FVM, Inc. As a paid member, you can host a Networking Night to promote your own business to other members and distinguished guests. Business networking opportunities are available periodically throughout the year.

Exclusive use of the FVM, Inc. primary logo and our required branding on your sta-tionery, or on packaging, and in your marketing collateral (printed and electronic) or in joint promotions with other FVM, Inc. members.

Includes detailed descriptive information, contact details, a link to your own website, including up to 3 photographs on the FVM website The social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) are currently under development and will be completed in 2019

Includes your detailed descriptive information, contact details, a link to your website, including photographs (in accordance with membership level allowance) on the FVM website The social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram).

Opportunities to submit your business products and services updates and your own events news to be included in the “What’s Gnoming On” weekly newsletter and on the FVM website. (Conditions apply) .

Participation in member discounts offered in the marketing & promotional programs in which FVM participates (eg. our joint membership program with Australia’s Southwest and in FVM’s cooperative marketing activities) .

Free displays (racking) of a member’s DL size (110x220mm) brochures in the Ferguson Valley Visitor Centre.

Opportunities to include your product/services photographs in FVM’s marketing programs and media promotions.

Opportunities to provide your business news, statistics, images etc for use in FVM’s marketing and media promotions.

Receive a copy of the FVM Newsletter, providing topical news from the Board meetings and other relevant information and events.

Your Business location and details posted on the Ferguson Valley Touring Map. Free Ferguson Valley Touring Maps and other FVM promotional brochures for use by your business, etc.

Full Member voting rights at FVM’s Annual General Meeting.

All members are afforded the opportunity to participate in an annual online membership survey, after which the results and any comments/suggestions are reviewed with the FVM Board, thereby helping to make the FVM into a more focused responsive and dynamic organisation.