Mt Lennard Mountain Bike Trail (MBT)

Pile Road as it’s known to the majority of Mountain Bikers is a fun area of trails that are on the most part built on a very gentle slope. The ups are consistent but gentle, the down often requires a little pedalling to get up to top speed. Compared to modern trails these are a little more organic with less machine made trail and jumps. The one exception is the jump area at the bottom of this network, which gives riders a fun place to push themselves with doubles and table tops.

  • Boylan Trail: 1-3 hours | 6.5 km
  • Butchers Trail: 1-3 hours | 3.2 km
  • Grizzly Trail: 1-3 hours | 6 km (Loop)
  • Lennard Half Circuit: 1-3 hours | 7 km
  • Millbrook Trail: 1-3 hours | 8.3 km (also an Urban Walk)
  • Pallet Track: 1-3 hours | 1.5 km • Wals: 1-3 hours | 2 km

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