Downhill Racing at Wellington Mills

Wellington Mills – Wellington Mill Rd, Wellington Mills


Welli Mills is a cornerstone of the local downhill race scene. There is a dirt road that accesses the top with several options down to the bottom. Some of the downhill tracks cross the very same road that vehicles have shuttle riders up so all parties need to be careful to avoid collisions.

  • Central Line: 1-3 hours | .7 km
  • Gravity Track: 1-3 hours | .8 km
  • Rock Berm & Roots: 1-3 hours | .7 km
  • Slickrock Track: 1-3 hours | 1.1 km
  • Top Left Track: 1-3 hours | .3 km
  • Up Track: 1-3 hours | 2.2 km

Visit https://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails/wellington-mills.html

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